Plumptopia is the homepage and private gallery of 3D artist & creator, Otto Maddox.  He's old and he's grumpy and he's been making some of the best erotic comics in the world for well over 25 years now.  He's been featured exclusively for 13 years at Crazy3Dworld.  In February of 2016, he went rogue and started his own online store.  As he put it, "I'm tired of my fans getting ripped off. With my own store at least there's no middle man involved profiting off my efforts.  My fans can now buy what they want, when they want and for a price that is finally reasonable."  Plumptopia is a completely free site.  Feel free to visit the gallery and the animation section and if you want to buy some Otto Maddox comics, visit his personal store,!
26 May 2019 - Site updated - Added HTML-5 slider animation and Deviant Art Link. If you cannot see the slider animation, your browser is not compatible with WebM format. IE9 users need WebM plugin. My site nor store are phone friendly.
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