I began working in mainstream comics way back in the early 1990's. I began that career as a writer and scripter but soon moved into inking. Sadly and admittedly I could never draw my way out of a paper bag unfortunately but I was pretty good at tracing with ink. My boss at the time decided to purchase a 3D program and I managed to gain access to it and realized the medium had more than just the potential to help artists draw. To me it represented a new way to create comics entirely. My boss didn't agree and so I decided to market some of my poorly done 3D comics outside the mainstream field. I got my first paid project around 1996 with a major adult magazine publisher. I was also recruited to write about that time for another adult magazine title and within a few months I found myself with a steady workflow stemming directly from the adult publishing industry. I continued on with it part-time for several years until the owner of a certain 3D comics website approached me. At the time 3D comics were still in their infancy and porn was paving the way for it.
I worked for nearly 13 years as the editor and chief content creator for one of the largest online subscription publishers of adult comics before having business disagreements with the owner that led to me leaving and starting my own store in late 2015. Thankfully most of my fans found me and followed me and my little store has managed to survive for the last few years. As I am partially disabled these days, I'm extremely thankful to have my comics for an income and so I would like to extend my appreciation to everyone who's purchased a comic from me during the last few years. Your business is greatly appreciated and it is through the support of my fans that I'm able to pay my bills each month and keep churning out new comics.

So yes, I've been doing this for a long, long time now. Hopefully I'll manage to do it for a long, long time yet to come. If this is your first visit to my site, you can click on the SHOP button above to visit Eyeronik Comics - that's my actual online comics shop. Plumptopia is more or less my personal website and has been my home for pushing on two decades now. Eyeronik only sells my comics and eBooks so it's a very simple site and store hosted by a very big online retail company so it's very, very secure and I use two of the largest online payment processors for all transactions so again - very, very secure. The comics themselves are provided in a zip file for easy download to PC or MAC and once unlocked and opened, the comic itself is in ADOBE®PDF format which requires Adobe READER software (which is free!) to read them. I use PDF because it is the best standard for digital books as it retains all formatting and image quality. It also allows me to use encoding methods to prevent piracy and track content. The only downside is that this means my comics are not available on mobile devices and phones. I simply do not make enough money at this game to afford to pay a programmer to make an app just to read my comics. So if you have a computer, I invite you to try my comics. If you don't then unfortunately my comics won't be available for you. I apologize and regret that, but it's simply beyond my financial means to work with mobile platforms. They also do not offer anti-piracy elements like Adobe does. So even if I could afford a programmer, I couldn't afford to release comics without security oversight. Yes, piracy is that bad. Unlike the big media companies, every pirated comic takes money directly out of my pocket and hurts not only me but my family as well. So I take it very seriously. One of the worst problems my old boss had was piracy. It's what has killed subscription sites over the years. Well all that said, if anyone has any questions or problems or just wants to comment on a comic, feel free to contact me by email. I'm a one man operation and I can fix any problem you have in my store within 24 hours. Thanks again to all my fans!